Sally Halvorson

“I’ve been with Foltz Trucking as an owner operator since 2018. The company culture is one of integrity and of appreciation for their drivers. From the shop to the office, I have always been treated with respect and patience, even when the stress of the day gets the best of me. When walking into the office or shop, you’re greeted with friendly smiles, like a relative just getting in from being away. Even in the best of times, trucking can be up and down. When the down times happen, the upbeat attitude of dispatch is a bolstering influence that makes it not quite so down! Finally, in my opinion, Foltz is unparalleled as an employer, business partner, and leader in the community. I’m very proud to be the owner of a truck that has Foltz Trucking on its side, and I plan to be driving for them until I retire.”